Cream of Asparagus Soup

Recipe Testing in The Home Idea Factory (Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography)
Recipe Testing in The Home Idea Factory (Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography)

New year, new opportunities and tons of cleaning up of files, recipes, and closets to do!

As a Lifestylist® I spend a lot of time on the road searching for what’s new, but when I’m home I love spending time in the kitchen working on comfort food recipes that are so easy anyone can make them.

Cream of Asparagus Soup Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography
Cream of Asparagus Soup Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography

I love Cream of Asparagus soup and I spend a fortune buying it so I decided it was time to come up with a recipe I can make at home. This recipe is so easy and by using vegetable stock instead of the chicken stock most recipes call for it keeps it vegetarian and reduces the sodium levels.

Fresh Asparagus from Dallas Farmers Market Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography
Fresh Asparagus from Dallas Farmers Market Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography

Fresh Asparagus is already showing up in the grocery stores and farmers markets – give it a try and see what you think.

Buying Local

The most important part of being a Lifestylist® is listening. There is always a trend evolving just around the corner from us – we just have to be open to seeing, hearing, and embracing what’s out there.

There is starting to be a lot of talk about “buying local” and this is one of the most promising trends I’ve seen and heard about in years. Finally people are understand that going “semi-homemade” by using over processed, expensive ingredients that might even be from a foreign country may not be the best thing for our health. Not only that but this concept in the long run tends to be more expensive and lacks the taste and nutrition that can be gained by eating locally grown or cooked produce, baked goods, cheeses…. any thing we put into our mouths.

Almost every town has a Farmers Market, and this is a great place to buy right from the farm. The freshness is amazing, the costs are usually more reasonable and you are helping to stimulate the local economy and your senses.If a farmers market isn’t an option, check with your local supermarket and encourage them to not only buy from local farmers, but to identify which products are purchased and grown locally. Wegmans –  my favorite grocery store based in Rochester, NY is a great example and I know if I purchase something there it is going to be the freshest available, and they do identify the various farms on many items.

Restaurants are also starting to key in on this trend. Three restaurants that I have gone into the last week or so including one takeout restaurant clearly identified which ingredients were produced locally. We are fortunate to have on of the best cheesemakers in the country here in Dallas and I’ll always purchase any item with cheeses made with Paula Lambert cheese first – I know I’ll be enjoying something worth every calorie.

People are what make or break a trend – the next time you are out hunting for something to eat, support your local economy first and make a difference.

Next Food Network Superstar Lisa Garza

I am so excited that Dallas Superstar Lisa Garza has made it to the finals of The Next Food Network Star!

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her and experience her food, and she not only deserves to be on the show she deserves to win.

The first time that I noticed Lisa it was at a Savor Dallas event that her restaurant was participating in. She has such great style – every time that I’ve seen her it has been with her wearing one of her signature aprons that I love. She just has such a great presence, and seems to understand what it takes to be a public presence. I can’t wait to see the show and see how she does!